Looking to upsize to a bigger yard?

A bigger yard is often on the checklist for home buyers looking to upsize. They may want a large backyard where kids can play, dogs can run around freely and they can plant a garden. If finding a home with a bigger backyard is on your list, be sure to take the following questions into consideration while house hunting.



  • How much upkeep are you willing to do? When you upsize to a home with a bigger yard, the level of maintenance needed increases.  Mowing the lawn will take longer, trees and bushes will need frequent trimming and the garden will need regular care. Landscaping may also need to be done when you move in and then touched up every year. Considering how much time you’re willing to put into yard work- and how much that yard work will cost!- can help you decide how big of a yard you want!
  • How do you want to use the yard? Will the yard primarily be a play area for your kids and pets? Do you want to host parties or barbecues? Do you want to plant a garden or build a shed? Thinking about the yard’s purpose will help you decide between a medium or a large yard, an open yard or one with a few scattered trees, and a low maintenance yard or a yard needing upkeep.

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